Welcome to Web-Page of breed Blandy’s

We are glad to welcome You on our Pages of the breeder “Blandy’s” and give you the opportunity to get to know these wonderful, biggest domestic cats Maine Coon’s. 

Maine Coon is in our eyes a tender, lovely animal, which reflects lynx in itself.

Maine Coon’s get great along with children and like to show their affection and tolerance. These animals are characterized with dignity while they coexist well with dogs and other animals in harmony. Something wild and at the same time faithful sight of Maine Coon will leave no one indifferent.

We follow the bloodlines of the most famous foreign, as Russian, breeders. All Maine Coon’s our breeding are tested for hereditary diseases (HCM1, Ragdoll, PKD, rdAc-PRA, SMA, GSDIV) and only healthy animals are admitted for breeding.

The kittens are lovingly raised from their first moments in warm and friendly environment which plays in important role in formation of friendly and calm character.

You can reserve a kitten from the moment of their birth by bringing in the initial payment and signing purchase contract. The rest will be payed at pick up of the kitten.

All kittens, independent either sold for further breeding or not, can not be picked up until they reach third month of age, after deworming, vaccination, revaccination, examination by veterinarian and quarantine after vaccination. At this age the kitten will be socialized and familiar with litter box. With signed contract you will also get vaccination pass, pedigree (different for breeding and not for breeding) registered at Felidae e.V.

To have a Maine Coon kitten at home is equal to find happiness, and many positive impressions for many years.

Here you can get to know our favorite animals, and we hope that the kitten, which you are looking for, is waiting for you with us.

We are always glad to give the answers to all your questions. We also like to consult questions concerning education, feeding and preparing for the exhibitions.


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