About us

My name is Svetlana Folco and I am a breeder of the breed Blandy’s

We are glad to welcome You on the Web-Page of our breed.

Our breed is registered at Felidae e.V. and is located in Germany, Upper “Lower Saxony”/”Niedersachsen”, 40 km from the Netherlands. We are familiar with breeding for 7 years.

The road to professional breeding has started when I decided to bring a pet home. After much research in the internet my decision fell on Maine Coon kitten.

From the first glance, I was in love with this wonderful, big animal who has a lot of resemblance to lynx and yet shows much gentleness. My first emotions and admiration of this breed have made the decision.

The goal of our breed – to produce healthy offspring with calm temper corresponding to the standard of the breed.

All our animals live with us as beloved members of the family, where they get a lot of warmth and attention. It is incomprehensible to us to hold the animals confined. Therefore our cats are allowed to every room in the house. They also are welcomed to take part in home activities.

Our kittens are raised in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere. Since their first seconds they are accustomed to attention and human hands. That plays an important role in establishing of friendly and calm temper. All kittens possess splendid features for which the race is known. They have stout bodies, right set ears with long brushes on the ears.

All kittens are well trained, familiar with litter box and scratch tree, and they are fed with natural cat food of super-premium class.

We invite you to our Web-Page where you can become familiar with breed of Maine Coon, visit the gallery of our cats and choose a kitten.

We hope you will get much positive experience at our pages!

Our breed introduces you to real Maine Coon’s of different colors.

In our breed you can buy a kitten for further breeding or just as a lovely pet companion.

If you chose a kitten or you just have any questions, please contact us by E-Mail or telephone.